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AVOW is an online LDS community of preparedness-minded people

AVOW is more than a simple forum for preparedness, it's a whole community dedicated to preparedness and spiritual insights. You'll find a wide variety of topics being discussed, including camping, home canning, financial preparedness, words of our living prophet, spiritual insights, and much, much more. You'll also find a live chat-room, a variety of private and semi-private special interest-groups, member photo albums, group-buys, and a download section with hundreds of great resources to help in your preparations.

Helping the Saints Prepare

No one knows when the second coming of Jesus Christ will be.

And it really doesn't matter anyway...It is our humble opinion that unless we prepare for those events that precede the Savior's coming, we will needlessly suffer greatly and subsequently perish...thus, we won't be around to greet Him anyway. We have been commanded many times to look for the signs of His coming and to prepare as we have been counseled again and again and again.

Personal study has lead many to believe that there is a sequence of these events that lead up to the Second Coming of the Savior, outlined in the scriptures. This forum is in part to present the information concerning this sequence of events so that people can consider the evidence for themselves and make their own decisions.

Our belief is that the Second Coming of the Savior is much closer than most people realize and that we are on the verge of radical changes in our society. Our ultimate goal is to add our voice to the sounding chorus and to encourage everyone who will listen, to start immediately to prepare for the events that precede (perhaps by many years) the actual 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.


Over 1 Million posts from more than 13,000 members

AVOW currently has a staff of 20, contains over 210 topical forums, with over 110,000 unique discussions & threads containing over 1,000,000 separate posts. The AVOW forums cover hundreds of posts per day relating to preparedness. Our members, once registered, tend to participate with excitement as they gain additional insights and discuss gospel topics.

Paid Membership

In order to maintain high quality content and discussion, this is a paid site. Memberships start as little as $14.95, or just $44.95 for an entire year.